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Ask Angela: With so few choices, should I just marry him? | Deseret News

Yeah, it would definitely not be fair to lead this poor guy on into believing that she loves him when she obviously doesn’t. If they are both members of the Church, she would also be making covenants in the temple under false pretenses, which would invite additional condemnation upon her and upon her marriage. I would advise against it; after all, marriage for her is not necessary for exaltation, even if it is for him. There may yet be a better match out there…for both of them. Or not. Either way, it is not a good idea to enter into a marriage with someone for whom one does not have genuine feelings of love, or even attraction. No good can come of such an arrangement.

More women choosing to be stay-at-home moms, Pew study says | Deseret News

The decline of stay-at-home mothers was a combination of a number of factors, first the rise of feminism, which taught women that there was something wrong with wanting to be mothers and stay at home to raise their children, and second globalization and the decline of the American workforce, which forced many women to go out and work as their husbands were forced to take jobs that paid only a fraction of what they once earned and that provide much fewer, if any, benefits. The destruction of the traditional family has served the interests of the political elite and the very wealthy, but has caused enormous harm to everyone else. Many people are now beginning to realize that the cost was not worth the benefits, and the trend is beginning to reverse, with the ideologies that caused the problems to begin with now gradually being discarded. It will take a long time to get society back into balance, but it will happen eventually, if we are brave enough to see it through.

Also this is further evidence that belies the popular notion of the demise of conservative, traditional values in America and an inexorable trend towards liberal secularism.

Supreme Court turns deaf ear on New Mexico gay wedding photo case | Deseret News

The bottom line here is that since 1964, the Supreme Court has essentially refused to acknowledge that private business owners have ownership over their own, private businesses. The argument that because a business claims to be “open to the public” that it must serve every member of the public, regardless of the objections of the business owners themselves, is full of fallacy and has no legal basis. A private business owner ought to be entitled to provide or reject service to anyone, for any reason, and an individual should not be able to find any legal recourse that would allow him or her to force that business owner to provide him or her with service. The purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was to end the state-mandated discrimination that existed as a result of Jim Crow, which directly interfered with the free market. Those who object to a business’s practices are and should be free to patronize its competition instead. The state should have no role in these matters at all.

In Our Lovely Deseret: Daughters and mothers encompass one eternal round | Deseret News

Good and beautiful advice for women, although I’m sure someone will try to twist it around to be a manifestation of the alleged sexism of which the Church is frequently accused, though the vast majority of women in the Church love it in the same way that this author does. This is the result of filling one’s heart and mind with joy and love, instead of the hatred, jealousy, and cynicism that the secular world and its ideologies would have us pollute our souls with instead.

If You Find Yourself Believing This, Glenn Beck Wants You to Unfriend Him |





Some factions of the extreme right-wing apparently have a problem with the stance that Glenn Beck is taking here. I, on the other hand, couldn’t agree with him more, and I find myself gaining more and more respect for him with every stance he takes, and the increasing wisdom that he has been showing.

Nothing New here. Same old, same old. The Increase is in New audience reach, this has been Beck all along. =/

I don’t know, I do think Glenn Beck has changed over the years. I used to think he was crazy, though I liked his segments on history. Then after I became a libertarian I started to hate him. Now he has started gradually drifting more and more towards libertarianism and I find myself liking him more and more again. Plus his conversion story is amazing. IDK, I have a love-hate relationship with the man… 😕 

I’ve been watching/listening since his latter days on CNN, and he’s had the same principles all along. There are issues, policies, like ‘pull everyone out of everywhere’ [and put em on the border] that he has actually shifted on, largely do to new information and the worsening situation, but that’s not a difference in his character. He’s not a different guy. He’s grown but out of a foundation.

There’s the issue of ‘gay marriage’ which I was surprised to Finally learn was the same as mine [about three months after I changed my mind] after several years of listening religiously. He’d never discussed it in all that time, not thoroughly at least, and his own daughter in college had been brainwashed into a caricature opposite to it.

Also his approach has definitely shifted, at CNN he was the showman with a story to tell, damn convention and double damn the critics, at Fox News he was the Thinker with a class to teach, but do your own homework, at the Blaze he’s Walt Disney with Tomorrow-land to play tour guide of, but for the drumbeat of interupting ‘news of the day’ and subsequent urge to preach principles to the choir…

The main point of the link here shows his MLK-esque attitude he’s had for longer than I’ve been a fan. As long as he’s had a national stage, he’s been the consummate preacher of peace. And I always, always see these posts about how ‘Beck’s Changed’ describing a principle or linking to an article of beliefs he’s talked about having FOREVER. I’ve seen ppl go on about his’change’ in reference to stuff he’s long talked about back when he was a drunken Morning DJ. =/

Beck said anyone who is surprised by his call for peace among the controversy isn’t actually a fan of his.

“You tear off your mask by saying that, because I have talked about Gandhi, Martin Luther King and prayer and peace since I was at CNN,” he said. “That is who I am at the core. And if you think I am something else, then I don’t know how you missed it.”

This wisdom, for one, he’s had all along. Which, actually, is to be expected from someone who’s political awakening involved reading two opposing sides with an open mind.

I agree that he has always been an advocate for peaceful resistance to government overreach and not an over-the-fringe, revolutionary nutjob of the Alex Jones variety. But his stances on certain issues have changed over the years. 10 years ago he was far more eager for the United States to be involved militarily in every corner of the world than he is now. 10 years ago he wasn’t nearly as worried about civil liberties, spying, torture, warantless wiretapping as he has now become. Maybe that’s just because Obama is president now instead of Bush, I don’t know. But there certainly has been some change. For the better, I might add.

And yes, it has all come from a common foundation. I think that Glenn understands how to apply the principles that he believes in properly better now than he used to. That is part of the political growth of any individual—myself included. To say that he has changed is not meant as a criticism of him in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I am happy for him. He is making progress.

Zeroing in on religious hubs, atheists to gather in Salt Lake City for Easter | Deseret News

Using the tactics of bigoted, intolerant practitioners of certain religious organizations against religious organizations themselves, including ones that are innocent of such tactics, doesn’t accomplish anything except to win over the already (un)converted and make the entire group look obnoxious and hateful in the eyes of religious majority. Religion in America is not dying; it is simply changing. Atheists are making a dramatic miscalculation that will backfire against them severely in the end. But let them. Nothing discredits them faster than allowing them to open their own mouths and revealing their true colors.

Also, they have nothing to offer anyone in the place of what the Church has to offer, because their message tries to invalidate the very things that the Church teaches to begin with. So their efforts to fill the void that they create with something artificial and superficial in its place are ultimately as futile as their efforts to lead astray those who have already received a witness of the Holy Ghost.

LDS Church reaffirms stance on immigration | Deseret News

Some members of the Church out west, having been so thoroughly indoctrinated by right-wing politics that it has blinded them to the true principles at the heart of the Gospel, may not like the Church’s stance on this issue, but frankly that’s just too bad. The stance is nevertheless the morally, politically, and theologically correct one, and I am grateful to belong to a Church that does not allow secular, worldly politics and a desire to win the praise of the world get in the way of championing the cause of the poor and oppressed, as any truly Christian organization ought to. The one Southern Baptist representative quoted in this article, unsurprisingly, does not seem to understand the correct purpose of comprehensive immigration reform…but the majority of the forces involved in this debate do understand it, and eventually (even if it does not happen until after 2016), the long overdue change that we need will come to pass.

A peek into the journal of sister missionary | Deseret News

It seems to me like this poor sister was struggling with an untreated mental illness (some level of depression) for a substantial portion of her mission. Still, she seems to have ultimately grown a great deal and been strengthened by the experience, in spite of all the challenges she faced. I wish that I had had a similar opportunity, but joining the Church too late in that prevented that. If my own daughter chooses to serve a mission one day, this woman’s story would likely be an inspiration to her.

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